How to Design your Custom Trading Pin?

baseball pinsSure, the on-hand designs of trading pin stores are awesome; but you want a unique design for your batch and team. Also, you might not find something that you would like from their galleries (not that they’re not designed well, which they are, but you want to be creative). So you would like to make your very own design for your custom trading pins (either that or your entire team wanted to pitch in their talents and combine your artistic powers to create the best icon for your group).

Whichever the reason for choosing to go custom-made, you will need a basic guideline, a set of points that you need to remember as you make your design (that is if you don’t want your design to come out too stuffed).

So here are the main points that you will need as you start making your masterpiece pin design:

1) Purpose

What did you need the pins for? Is it just to identify your teammates? Or maybe you’re planning to give it away or trade it with others? Whatever your purpose for the pins is, make sure it will be the in your mind while making your design.

2) Cost / Budget

You have to make sure you will be able to have your pins made. So always check if the design you are making is feasible given your budget for your custom trading pins project. Pin stores can usually help you by quoting the price for your design drafts. So, keep in touch and you won’t miss your mark.

3) Type of Pin

There are many available types of pins available in most of the stores offering customization. And not all design features can be accommodated in all the types. So either choose a type that can make the best of your design come out, or design your pin around a type that you have chosen beforehand.

4) Additional Features

There are many new features that can be added to the regular enamel-painted trading pin. Some of the most popular ones are sliders, spinners and even LED light add-ons. If you wanted to have them in your design, remember to make sure you are not stuffing everything in one design. Usually one add-on feature is good enough to be added to your design. As they say, the simpler is the better.

5) Color Palette

Always check the color palette available in the shop you are having your custom trading pins made. Some colors come out looking a little differently with the paints that they use. So, check out their samples ad their color schemes to match it with your design’s colors.

6) Lines

Depending on the type of pin and the design rendering, you cannot always have that much detail in the design when applied to the pins. Check just how fine the lines can be made for your chosen pin type. Either that or adjust your design to accommodate the mold’s limitations.

7) Text and Image

You can have both text and images in your pins. Too many images and too many texts can be stuffy for pin designs. Be careful with adding details, especially considering the size of your “canvass”.

8) Overall Design

See if the design components still go together well. You can do this by having a sample pin made or looking at similar designs in your chosen shop’s gallery.

So there you go. As long as these basic things are already clarified and you have set up a certain direction you want to go in your pin designing, you can now have a shot at creating your own custom trading pins design. Remember that if after one draft and you’re not satisfied with the result (after consulting with your chosen shop), you can repeat the designing process as many times as you need to. The important thing is to have fun and make something you’ll like, after all you’re going to have it made into long lasting pins.