How to Make Your Golf Clubs Last for a Very Long Time

When it comes to playing the sport of golf, golf clubs are not only financial investments – they are great game investments, too. Some Taylormade golf clubs can cost as much as $3000. Some store personnel or sales professionals will tell you how to take care of your own set of Taylormade golf clubs after your purchase. However, most of the time, let’s admit it, we don’t listen or follow those tips.

A set of Taylormade golf club, when taken care and maintained properly, can last for a lifetime. These golf clubs can let you enjoy the sport of golf for many years.

The initial step in taking care of your golf clubs is inspection. Keeping your golf equipment in pristine order starts with constant and scheduled check-ups of your golf clubs. Opposite to what others think about, inspecting your golf clubs will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

Before and after your golf game, you should inspect your golf clubs. However, in any case you cannot do the inspection before and after the game, you should allot at least once or twice a month of inspection for your golf clubs.

Taylormade golfStart your regular inspection by checking the golf club’s grips if there are any cracks or tears. Grips which are old are usually glossy and hard to hold, which can be slippery during the game. If you find any worn-out, cracks or tears in your grip, replace it with a new one right away. After checking the grip, check the shaft if there is any bend or rust. Also check the golf head if there are any cracks or rusts.

After inspecting your golf club, you should also clean them in order for them to look and perform like new ones. Regular cleaning is not as complicated as it sounds. It only involves warm water, mild cleaning agent (or soap), as well as a soft-bristled brush (or an old toothbrush).

Before placing any of your Taylormade golf club in their respective golf bag for storage, do not forget to give your golf clubs a good cleaning first. In cleaning your golf clubs, clean the club heads and grips first with warm, soapy water then wipe the shafts with a clean cloth. Also, keep in mind that before placing the golf clubs in the bag, the interior of the golf clubs should also be clean and dry.

Storing the golf clubs, after cleaning, is also as easy as pie. Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to help you keep your golf clubs and make them last for years.

1.Never leave your golf clubs in the garage or in your car’s trunk. Temperature, especially your car’s trunk, can go as high as 180 degrees which can cause the epoxy or glue in your club head and shaft to break down. High humidity in those areas can also cause rust to build up in your golf club.

2.Always store your golf clubs in a cool, dry place. An area with controlled temperature which is not too hot, not too cold, and not too humid is the best place to keep and store your golf clubs. Always store your golf bags and golf grips in a dry place in order for them not to accumulate any mildew or molds. Molds in a golf bag, most especially in a golf grip, is not very easy to remove. Sometimes, it will require you to buy a new one, which can cause you even more expenses.

3.Remember to store your golf clubs in an upright position. Also, do not let your golf clubs tangled up with other golf equipments that you have. If you are using a wood or a driver, cover them with head covers to protect them more. Head covers protect the golf clubs against dust and scratches.

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